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Subject: Re: Road Sign Units From: Send MailAlex Reply

UK never totally integrated with the wishes of Europe! UK uses miles & miles per hour, but buys fuel in litres. Our road signs are normally in miles and yards, that footpath sign was probably someone who thought we would eventually succumb to the pressure to change.

Weight tends to be metric, there was a period of particularly markets still selling in pounds and ounces and being prosecuted for it, but Europe gave up trying to totally convert us eventually!

USA still uses more of the imperial measures than we do, rare to use quarts here for example. Just to be difficult our gallon isn't same quantity as a US gallon.

Measurements for building materials, kitchen appliances etc are normally metric now, although personally I still think imperial ;-)

Whilst temperature is now normally Celsius, I still tend to think Fahrenheit, but I'm aware of some of the temperatures on both scales eg 68F = 20C, which was the normal temperature for photographic processing chemicals.

And finally, the Queen worse the Imperial State Crown at her Coronation, sure that's not going Metric !!! :-)

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