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Subject: Re: Steam Train Photo's & HD Video's From: Send MailAlex (Admin) Reply


Many thanks for your comments, glad you liked the video too, although it restricts the number of stills I can take at the same time.

I got across to to Attadale early so I could get that point, as you say it's furthest from the road. Some folks did arrive later and were nearer the road where I did the Sprinter at Attadale on 14th April. Of course the road was actually closed from that point when I did that one, so no problem with traffic noise.

The orange ant on the hillside was one workmen from the rockfall site, there were a lot more just out of shot, because that's the hillside behind the site offices. I had warned them of the train times the day before for safety reasons, a sudden influx of speeding cars ! I think they arranged their break around that time so they weren't on the road.

In the past I have counted as many as 75 cars trying to leapfrog the train for pictures, often abandoning cars anywhere with doors wide open. From what I saw and heard afterwards I was glad I had warned the guys, some of the speeds & overtakes by Attadale were appalling. Perhaps next time I should film the traffic? ;-)

Would have been interesting if the road had still been closed, I could have opened a hot dog stall for frustrated train spotters!

Kind regards,


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