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Subject: Re: Abandoned Village From: Send MailAlex (Admin) Reply


Thanks for your message about the site and the recent pictures of the 'Abandoned Village' at Arineckaig.

It's east of Strathcarron, at the end of road / track that roughly follows the railway line from Strathcarron station towards Inverness.

You can see that area here on Bing / Ordnance Survey map

In a closer view if you zoom into the Arineckaig area to the end of the track you can see the buildings, the nearest ones include the two that are still standing. The outline of the foundation stones is just about all that's left of those further on.

Depending on the picture, you will have seen the lochans, River Carron or Loch Dughaill. The settlement is across the valley from Balnacra on the A890, and perhaps best seen from near the railway crossing in early or late sun that emphasises the buildings at a distance.

It's possible to walk there from the end of the road, but that's a turning area, so best to find somewhere before there for parking.

The area was part of the 'Highland Clearances', although the two buildings still standing were used in more recent times too. The stone one where the roof has peeled back until a few years ago was used for shearing sheep, and the surrounding fencing is the sheep fank.

The other one appears to have had railway sleepers used to complete the demolished walls, as well as tin roofing etc. In recent years that's been used as shelter for cattle.

Hope that helps.

... Alex

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