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Subject: Re: the house with the wooden porch From: Send MailAlex (Admin) Reply

Martine et Gérard,

Thanks for your message, good to hear from you.

I was away in South Africa from 17th January to early February, so there was only one picture a day, they were taken just before I left home. It's at those times the title is just 'Lochcarron' and not in bold, with no other information.

That's because I can upload the pictures before I leave and it will hopefully update pictures automatically ! The system doesn't allow for creating full titles, hence just Lochcarron.

Although whilst away I do check the site at least once a day, it means it can still operate if I don't manage to get online to update, or have poor connection. I did actually update some news items such as planning whilst away.

Kind regards,


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