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Subject: Re: POTD 04/09/2009 From: Send MailAlex (Admin) Reply


The North East has had excessive rain and floods in in the last few days.

However, Lusa which is the local weather station on south of Skye, and about 15 miles in a line from here, has recorded 53 days of rain, the longest spell of rain for 148 years according to reports ... and it's still raining !

As one newspaper reported, "The longest period of wet weather since Abraham Lincoln became US President in 1861".

So not sure who's had most, we may have had more, it's just been over a longer period of time?

Sadly Enya is no longer my neighbour and has moved to pastures new elsewhere in the Lochcarron. I do see her now and again, so may do a picture sometime for her fan club ;-)



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